Lovaganza is an Entertainment Brand on a Humanitarian mission.[1] Lovaganza makes worldwide immersive entertainment in order to inspire Humanity to create a New World of Unity, Peace and Abundance for All. Lovaganza is divided into two separate entities: the for-profit Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise produces a combination of films that "provoke Global impact" while generating funding for the non-profit Lovaganza Foundation.

In August 2016, Lovaganza announced its dates in 2020.[2]


Immerscope™ is a a completely immersive experience where viewers take in movies, shows, attractions and exhibitions. From the website:[3]

> ​From the Superwide 180° glassless 3D curved wraparound screen of the Caravans and in the Cinema pavilions to the 360 degree screen in the LOVAGANZA® 2020 Main Chapiteau, the spectators will be immersed in the World of Lovaganza.


​With its immersive entertainment and cognitive approach, Lovaganza aims to make all cultures known to each and everyone on the planet.[4]

Lovaganza has outlined three important celebrations:

  • Lovaganza 2020 for UNITY
  • Lovaganza 2025 for PEACE
  • Lovaganza 2030 for ABUNDANCE

In 2040, Lovaganza will present its ultimate celebration aimed at presenting, through entertainment, the vision for a new phase in human history, BETA WORLD.

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